Ysgol Coedcae School

Prefect Training

This year's training has been as exciting as any other. Sixty five recently-elected prefects embarked on their journey to Clyne farm in Mumbles, setting themselves the task of successfully completing 'Challenge Valley'.

'Challenge Valley' boasts itself as one of Wales' muddiest assault courses and it most certainly was. After a night of rainfall, our sixty five strong squad left school uniform behind for the oldest clothes they could find. Armed with gear that wouldn't weigh them down too much, the first challenge saw them take a swing rope accross a muddy river. Unfortunately not all made it across unscathed, instead falling into what can only be described as a mud bath!! It brought a whole new meaning to hygiene! But it certainly clearly displayed the tenacity, resilience and teamwork of Coedcae's new leaders.

Working together to get each other through the course as a team, with constant encouragement from each other, showed that this years' team will continue to lead their peers empathetically, responsibly and with a solid community spirit!! We hope that your leadership journey continues to be so much fun!

Congratulations all;  We are very proud of you.


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