Ysgol Coedcae School

Bilingualism Week

Well, anyone who missed Coedcae School’s first (but certainly not last!!) Bilingualism Week, (or Wythnos Ddwyieithrwydd, as we like to call it), must have spent the week before half term living in a hole in the ground!

We were wowed by a week weaved wonderfully with Welsh wackiness!

The week kicked-off with a ‘Wear Red ‘n’ Green theme’, which required everyone to accessorise with two of the three colours from the Welsh flag. Gok Wan would have been proud as many seemed to have embraced the brief and ‘Went Welsh’ in style! Not so much ‘Gangnam Style’ as ‘Scarlet Style’! – Oh, boyo!

If you think that style was the only ‘flava’ – think again! The lunch menu was simply a feast for the senses – and the produce was entirely Welsh! As some had never sampled some of Wales’ national cuisine before, a Food Tasting session was also provided. From cockles (cocos) and lava bread (bara lawr) to bara brith (speckled bread) and picau ar y maen (Welsh cakes) the food was sublime and went down a treat!  Indeed, the food didn’t last long and we hold Zachary Wilson solely responsible for wiping out our stocks of lava bread!

Tuesday (Dydd Mawrth) was unlike any other, and began with a Cwis Cewri Cymru (Welsh Greats Quiz) during registration.

Wednesday morning started in the gymnasium! No, not a 30 minute workout but a 30 minute Welsh-in! Miss Skinner enthralled us all with an insight into how Wales has developed over the centuries and closer to home (and maybe our hearts) Mr Byron Nicholas gave us a very personal insight into why he’s learning Welsh and what being Welsh and being able to speak the language means to him – inspiring stuff! However, Bethany & Abigail (the Lambert twins) and Alisha John were the cherries on our ‘Welsh’ cake. Their expertise playing classical harp and fiddle was inspiring to say the least – Diolch ferched!

Finally the week came to a ‘Cymric’ climax with the results of the ‘Best Welsh’ themed room competition. Judged by members of senior staff, the competition was stiff, but after much deliberation, it was decided to award the trophy to members of 7 AIM! They took ‘aim’ and target eliminated – what a team!

And what a week too!  It will stay in our memories AM BYTH!!   Diolch i bawb -  Thank you to one and all.