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Welcome to the Religious Studies Department

                Croeso i'r Adran Addysg Grefyddol

Religious Studies in Coedcae School aims to enable pupils to:

1. Develop self awareness.
2. Develop an awareness of others, the community within which they exist and consider a response to their need.
3. Develop an awareness of the natural world in which they live and the expanse of the universe. This should stimulate a sense of awe and wonder.
4. Develop a knowledge and understanding of the Religious and Spiritual Heritage of the whole community;  including other faiths in addition to Christianity.
5. Draw upon their experiences of life at different levels in order to - deepen understanding, acquire awareness and an appreciation of the religious elements within a wider community, with the aim of enabling them as young people and later, as adults to live in unity with other people of all persuasions.

Yr Athrawon

Ms A Roe

Curriculum Leader                                                                                                                 

Mrs S Roberts                                                                                                         

Teacher of Religious Studies (Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, Year 8 Pupil Support Leader)

Ms J Higman                                                                                                   

Teacher of Religious Studies

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